Hyllenget Manor is owned by the family Tidemand and is a private residence. Rikki and Otto Tidemand bought the property “Hyllenget” in the autumn 2005, and the 10th of November 2006 the work started. The main building is 42 meters long, 8 meters wide and 12 meters high. I addition to the main house there is two other buildings. This building’s has a top modern conference facility, a spa center with a steam bath, a sauna, a Roman bath, the famous Scandinavian sauna, an outdoor tub and a nice room to relaxation with a beautiful view over Namsen. The other building has car parking and offices.

The whole house is inspired by the traditional way of building for this area, even though it has become much larger. The background for this style is that the family Tidemand wanted the building to look like others we find in the county. A number of architects where given the task to solve the challenges faced by Hyllenget, and it was Rolf Gaarde from Levanger that was able to present the solution that the family was most pleased with.

The 17th of June 2007 Hyllenget had its first guests. This was the weekend that the beautiful property was inaugurated, and it was a perfect start when a 22 kg big salmon was taken the first day. It was taken in an area of the river called Sellæg a few meters for Hyllenget.

Here it is unique possibilities for hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures.